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Introductory Package



This package includes:

  • The WSIB 1,2,3,4 Poster

  • The Occupational Health & Safety Act Book

  • Employment Standards Poster

  • Copy of most current Employment Standards Act

  • Employer ESA Tip Sheet

  • Employee Information Sheet

  • Work Schedule Agreement

  • Non-competition waiver

  • Code of Confidentiality

  • Absence request form

  • Employee Attendance Calendar

  • Employee Annual Vacation List

  • Associate Change Form

  • Uniform Tracking Form

  • Training/Meeting Sign In Sheet

  • Shift Switching Sheet

  • Tardiness Tracking Sheet

  • Associate Change Form

  • Schedule template

Add On



You can add any of these items to your packages:

  • Customized Basic Policy Manual

  • Customized Organizational Chart

  • Customized Job Description

  • Investigation/Complaint Form

Silver Package



This package is our Health & Safety Kit and includes:

  • All items in the Introductory Package

  • Employee Accident Report Form

  • Client Accident Report Form

  • Fire Alarm Report

  • Complaint Form

  • Complaint Investigation Form & Decision Form

  • H&S Compliance Agreement

  • MSDS binder (basic cleaning products)

  • WHMIS Package

  • First Aid Kit Product List

  • Basic Health & Safety Policy

Gold Package



This package is our Hiring Right Kit and includes:

  • All items in the Introductory & Silver Packages

  • Application Form

  • Behavioural Interview Questions

  • Internal Application Form

  • Termination Report

  • Associate Observation Report

  • Interview question preferred answer sheet

  • Interviewing Tip Sheet

  • Reference Checking Form

  • Basic Employment Contract

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